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Luxury Apartment In Golfe Juan
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Cote d’Azure Provence

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A few suggestions for dining  out

Mangin Laurent 57Liberté

06220 Golfe Juan (LE)

04 93 63 56 36

Pizza Cho

Le Scaphandre

57, av. des Freres Roustan,

06220 Golfe-Juan Vallauris,

La Cigale Du Golfe

Le Calypso

29, boulevard

des Frères Roustan

Vieux Port - Golfe-Juan

06220 Golfe-Juan Vallauris  


Clear, warm water

You can swim in the sea all year round in Golfe-Juan as the water temperature varies between 13°C and 25ºC. The traditional New Year’s Day swim attracts a great many participants.The town accords beach and water cleanliness the highest priority; beaches are maintained regularly, there is also an efficient water treatment station close by and regular bacterial checks are carried out.

Sandy Beaches

They are cleaned on a daily basis: the sand is sifted, cleaned and regularly disinfected. Any seaweed is cleared.

Weather Today in Nice

On 1 March 1815, Golfe-Juan entered the history books. It was here where Napoleon landed on his return from Elba. Every year, in March a huge re-enactment of the landing takes place with old rigging, actors, Napoleonic troops, weapons and

campaign equipment. For a few days during this highly original spectacle, the town and all of its activities take on an imperial flavour.

There are conferences, exhibitions, soldiers bivouac on the beach, windows are decorated and shop staff dress up in costume, many events such as the history game and a temporary post office.

A page in French history is re-enacted for all to enjoy!